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We bring deep understanding of nursing and building software that busy healthcare providers can adopt without disruption.
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Our mission:

Restore sustainability to nursing by providing modern, transformative technology.

Our team

Ari Brenner Image

Ari Brenner

Founder & CEO

Sergey Vasilenko

Sergey Vasilenko

Founder & CNO

Shachar Har Zvi Image

Shachar Har Zvi

Founder & VP of Engineering

Nathan Cohen Image

Nathan Cohen

Senior Data Scientist

Nir Feinstein

Nir Feinstein

Software Engineer

Yuval Jacoby

Yuval Jacoby

Senior Data Scientist

Kelli McDevitt Image

Kelli McDevitt

Director of Operations

Zen Tilleman-Dick Image

Zen Tillemann-Dick

Director of Growth and Partnerships

Board of Clinical Advisors

Dr. Elizabeth Adams Image

Dr. Elizabeth Adams

Former CNO, Kaiser Permanente Downey

Jean Barret Blake Image

Jean Barrett Blake

Former CNO, University Hospitals

Chriss Diltz Image

Chriss Diltz

Director of Nursing Business Development, Ember Education

Kim Henrichsen Image

Kim Henrichsen

SVP, Population Health and Clinical Operations, Centene

Dr. James Kerridge

Dr. James Kerridge

Associate Chief Nurse, Chicago VA Medical Center

Dr. Elza Lavon

Dr. Elza Lavon

CNO, Assuta Medical Centers

Dr. Elza Lavon

Trish Galagher

Associate Partner, Chartis; former CNIO, MUSC