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In-House is the only platform that provides nursing management tailored staffing and scheduling recommendations per clinical need and workforce experience

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Predictive Insights

  • AI algorithm predicts shift-level staffing requirements 1-3 weeks in the future.

  • In-House’s proprietary Workload Score factors in patient-specific work requirements and adjusts unit predictions based on average patient status per-shift.

  • Workload prediction further adjusted for nurse capacity, such as average tenure.


Recommendation Engine

  • In-House combines predictive census and current staffing in summary dashboard.

  • Option to make changes manually or automatically suggest updates via In-House’s AI engine

  • All recommendations provided with easy override: user is final authority on team well-being & patient safety

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Team Management

  • Nurse preferences, experience by unit, training and certifications tracked and automatically reflected in schedule recommendations.

  • Push out swaps, adds and other requests via mobile app or text message.

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